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Real Marmalade
Proprietor: Ken Blanshard
Mill Cottage, Mill Lane
Kent TN25 4EL
01233  611578
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Real Marmalade Final News:
Ken retired from marmalade and jam-making on  30th November 2015 and Real Marmalade ceased trading on that date.

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Real Marmalade  is  based at Kennington in Kent. We sell at a few Farmer’s Markets, and were, till recently members of Produced in Kent, who have been very supportive.

Jams.  We make a range of traditional jams using fruits from local Kent growers, again, using just fruit and sugar:
Strawberry, Victoria Plum, Blackcurrant, Redcurrant Jelly
Damson Jams are back in stock, and we also have some supplies of Bramble Jam.
How can I get Real Marmalade right now?
Real Marmalade  has retired…
Mill Cottage
Gift Packs are available at Farmers’ Markets and Shows, packed to your personal specication in seconds.
The custom-made  packaging protects the jars well  and displays the contents attractively for the lucky recipient!
Historical Information: