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Proprietor: Ken Blanshard
Mill Cottage, Mill Lane
Kent TN25 4EL
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Real Marmalade Final News:
Ken retired from marmalade and jam-making on  30th November 2015 and Real Marmalade ceased trading on that date.

Ready Steady Cook
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In the prestigious 2006 Great Taste Awards, Real Marmalade was given BRONZE awards for two of our most popular Everyday Varieties: Seville Orange; & Three Fruits
Great Taste Awards
Thanks go to:
The many helpful  Farmers’ Market Operators, especially Tony Martin;
All those Farm Shops, Delicatessens and specialist food shops;
The National Market Traders Federation;
And above all to my many discerning and loyal customers over the last 15 years!
A number of you have asked how you can get that Real Marmalade taste every morning.
Well, I still make small batches for the Christmas and Summer Fetes at my local church, which is how I started out. However they sell out quickly. If you visit local churches you can find local marmalades and jams that are also made from scratch with just fruit and sugar. Quality varies but seek and you may find!
I know of one single other variety of commercial marmalade which has no additives, gelling agents, acidity regulators etc,  and that is Tiptree Tawny - that looks promising but I have never actually tried it, why would I…